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Ernesto Adamo Director of Athletics and Activities  [email protected]
Mireya Olvera Athletic Secretary [email protected]
Jeffrey Barnes  Athletic Trainer [email protected]

What you need to become a Student Athlete at Lehigh Senior

Minimum of 2.0 GPA 

All students will be required to create an Athletic clearance account at by following the steps below:

  1. Visit on the Florida Picture
  2. Click on “Create an Account” and follow steps.Or Sign in if you have previously created an account.Watch tutorial video if help is needed.
  3. Register. PARENTS register with valid email username and password
  4. Login using your email address that you registered with
  5. Select “Start Clearance Here” to start the process.
  6. Choose the School Year in which the student plans to participate. Example: Football in Sept 2021 would be the 2021-2022 School Year.

    Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for.

    Choose Sport.  *You can also “Add New Sport” if a multi-sport athlete.  Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports.

  7. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Educational History, Medical History and Signature Forms. (If you have gone through the process before, you will select the Student and Parent/Guardian from the dropdown menu on those pages)
  8. Once you reach the Confirmation Message (if your school uses it) you have completed the process.
  9. All of this data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.

WHAT YOU NEED to UPLOAD to your account:

  • FHSAA EL2- Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation: Completed by Doctor
  • Transportation Form
  • Pledge Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion for NFHS Courses: 
  • All Athletes are required to take the following courses before participating: Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heat-Related Illness & Concussions for students. Upload your certifications to your Athletic Clearance account under "Files" 


The athletic office is here to assist you in becoming a Lightning Athlete; however we cannot do your work. Make sure all your paperwork is completely and properly filled out. If it is not, you will not be cleared to participate! Athletes are not permitted to participate, even practice or condition (including summer workouts), unless all paperwork (including physical exam) is turned in to ATHLETICCLEARANCE.COM 


"Lightning Pride Begins with You!"

Welcome to the Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts Athletic Department!

A student's education does not end at the end of the school day if they are involved in extra-curricular activities. Some values, in fact, can be better learned through the involvement in activities such as drama, music, and athletics, rather than in the classroom. Values such as fairness, caring, responsibility, and respect are the foundations of sportsmanship. The focus of high school athletics should be on the learning of these lifelong values. In order for these principles to be taught, it is critical that everyone - players, coaches, parents, and fans - behave in a sportsman-like manner. Unfortunately, the failure on the part of even one of these groups can undermine the efforts of others.

Sportsmanship is defined as "those qualities of behavior which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others.'That means a concern for everyone, including opposing teams, coaches, fans, and officials.

To our parents: Please fill the stands in support of your sons and daughters, while realizing that high school athletics are a form of education, and that the score is not nearly as important as the lessons learned.

To our fans: Please display a positive attitude at all times, doing your best to discourage cheers that taunt opposing teams, fans, and officials - cheers that distract from the focus of high school athletics.

And to our athletes: Remember that you volunteered to be a part of Lehigh Senior High School athletics, and that all of your actions are a reflection on yourself, your team, your school, and the whole community. Please conduct yourself in a manner that brings honor and pride to our school and community.

Come on out, enjoy the games, and remember: "Good Sports are Winners!"

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