Goal 1:

52% Pass Rate on Geometry EOC

Goal 2:

Get more students involved in after school tutoring

Contact Team Leader

Megan Berrett


  • PLC – 6th periods
  • Common notes, lessons, assessments, and activities
  • Participation in Fantasy League
  • Data Tracking – CCE (baseline, midyear, end)
  • Tracking Standards (from fantasy league)
  • Tracking Chapter Test results
  • Weekly fantasy quizzes will be given on Thursday/Fridays
  • Students will receive mastery sheet and be aware of the different standards that are tested
  • After each quiz, the students will plot their score for the particular standard
  • Students will shade red if they scored under 60% and green if they scored above 60%
  • Class averages will be used to determine which standards need spiraled back into bell ringers, quizzes/tests.
  • Call parents with D’s and F’s and inform them about tutoring/study hall
  • Encourage students to attend via posting a flyer on classroom wall
  • Use extra credit sheet to encourage participation
  • Track students who attend and monitor their progress in the course