Goal 1:

Increase the students graduating with minor and majors in the center

Goal 2:

Increasing the number of students who audition and get accepted into the center

Contact Goal Leader

Betsy Haskins


  • Work with guidance to help with schedules.
  • Teachers track their students in their mentor group/classes. Have a common-system set up in each center.
  • Meet with students after school for evaluations/during school( visual)
  • Make sure we include vocal this year with graduating/cords
  • T-shirts for the center /fundraiser for each center
  • Center ID cards- go to common card next year
  • Fundraiser with value coupon books to raise money for each department
  • Quarterly Star Center Students- Display by auditorium. Post with picture and written description of star student/each teacher votes for one student a quarter.
  • Best publicize center auditions- news and afternoon announcements, newsletter, post center calendar by doors( 11x 17 made to display)
  • Welcome meeting and end of the year banquet ( set this year for May 7)