Goal 1:

Increase listening and speaking skills within the classroom.

Goal 2:

Improve reading among ELL.

Goal 3:

Improve correct use of spelling and grammar in writing.

Contact Goal Leader

Priscilla Canales


  • Grouping/ KAGAN structures
  • Student “shadow” another student to model KAGAN strategies
  • Teacher “I Do”, Teacher/Student “We Do”, Student “You Try”
  • Model effective communication with academic language
  • Peer Tutor
  • Leveled grouping
  • Teacher- informal assessment
  • DEAR
  • Assign 15 min. of reading a night as homework
  • Book fairs
  • Instructions on choosing on-level texts
  • WOW/ word wall
  • Reading Competition (AR)
  • Dictionary skills
  • Spelling structure
  • Quick writes
  • SAR’s (Short Answer Responses)
  • District Writing Initiative
  • WOW word
  • Use content specific vocabulary
  • Translator dictionaries made available
  • Online translators (Google translate)